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Find the best matrimonial script to start your own wedding service portal like, in minutes. We are one of the best matrimonial software providers in the industry for years.

Our matrimonial website script requires no technical knowledge, which means anyone having minimal internet browsing knowledge can easily manage their website.

Matrimonial Script Demo- Home Page View

Matrimonial Script Demo- Home Page View

  • 100% Open Source Code( No part of the script is encrypted)
  • Unlimited Domain Installation License
  • Lowest Price in the Industry
  • Cutomization Ready!
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How to make payment with us?

Payment Information-Indian Customers
If you are living in India,the best way to make payment with us is to make cash deposit on the bank account information which is given below

Bank        : HDFC Bank
Acc Holder     : M SakthiGanesh
Account No    : 20871000008199
IFSC Code    : HDFC0002087
Branch        : Thirumangalam-Madurai

After depositing the money in our account,you can inform us through E-mail or sending SMS to our mobile number which is given below.And we verify the payment transaction and send the script to your e-mail.

Payment Information- International Clients
If you are living outside of India,You can make payment to the script by following the Paypal Payment link given below.

The software will be delivered as soon the payment made successfully.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Sakthi Ganesh
E-mail : communication [at]
Mobile : +91 9994833115

Beware of encrypted scripts that provided by other script providers, that restrict you install the software only on certain domains(You have to pay extra cost for every additional domains you will install the software). And it also makes your future customization is more tough/Not possible at many occasions.

Choose our 100% open source script,where you have the freedom install the software with unlimited domains fof free and customize as per your needs with out any restriction.
Matrimonial Software Price

Regular License (100% open source code +Unlimited Domain installation license use with your own and also with your client websites) More Information about ScriptsDump License

Script prices are increasing, order this Matrimonial Script before the price increased.

Original Price: 100 USD or Rs 5000 (Indian Rupees)

Price after Discount:  60 USD or Rs 2800 (Indian Rupees)


We are selling the software since 2007 and of-course we have more than 7 years of experience in this field.

We  plan to slightly  increase this software price in few days.If you have planned to buy our script,this will be the right time.We can’t provide the currently offered cheap price in coming days.
Order  Matrimonial Script with Paypal  – Recommended for International clients(Who lives outside India

 We also accept offline payments by making a bank account deposit (Recommended For Indian Clients )In this case you can use the below bank account to make payment with us

Bank        : HDFC Bank
Acc Holder     : M SakthiGanesh
Account No    : 20871000008199
IFSC Code    : HDFC0002087
Branch        : Thirumangalam-Madurai

Contact us ,after payment has been made for delivery of script.


ScriptsDump Matrimonial Software Award


Demo Information

Front end demo :

Admin panel Credentials
Admin Front End:
Admin user: admin
Admin user pass: admin123


Script Features -Quick View

  • Fast loading Eye catching template
  • Complete member registration & profile System
  • Email Verification system
  • Step by step profile updating
  • Rich profile system with photo upload
  • Preloaded Caste& City, State, country systems
  • Astro Profile upload
  • Premium member only profile contact information (protected profile)
  • Instant Express Interest
  • Private Messaging system
  • Powerful search functions
  • Premium membership plans
  • Multiple Payment Gateway support
  • Complete member management
  • SMTP Mailing System
  • Inbuilt Email Newsletter Gateway

Why choose our products

  • 100% open source script
  • Unlimited Domain License
  • Minimum Resource Usage
  • Supports all Operating Systems Linux, Windows, Unix and others
  • Free software installation on your domains
  • Best after sales support


PHP 4.x+ installed on your server.
(1) MySQL database.


  • Free installation support provided
  • Life time free updates on matrimonial script available ( New templates,Functionality updates)
  • Round the clock e-mail & Telephone support


Live Websites – Clients Showcase

Find some of the sites using our matrimonial Software(For client projects and for themselves) given below

There are hundreds of other websites are using our software for years,we have just provided the sites from whom we got the permission to showcase their website URL details


Why should Matchmaking Business:

Match making business is one of the most successful online businesses today! It? because the world is on computer age, now a day? everyone is using the internet to find their soul mate. The matrimonial websites works as a platform to connect this two people (Bride, Groom) to one another. The websites are charging members for being premium member who only have the permission view the other member profiles complete and also view their contact information.

Millions of people already found their soul mates with these matrimony service portals, and another millions of people are waiting for do the same. That means, these matrimonial websites are making millions of dollars every month just by providing the platform (website) to get connected.

With the increasing population, the demands of matrimonial websites are going every day. Matrimonial business is a huge online business, not only in India alone but also with every growing country.

Starting your own Matrimonial Website
ScriptsDump offers you the best of matrimonial software that lets you to start your own matrimonial websites like,, Our readymade matrimonial script will helps you to setup the exact clone site of the above sites. For this what you have to do is, buy this script from us and upload it your website. Rest of the jobs will take care by our powerful software.

Why Should our Matrimonial Software
Our matrimonial software has many advantages over other matrimonial script available on the market ,you can compare the features with our scripts to make choose over the products

100% open source script
Our scripts are 100% open source that means, no part of the script is encrypted, so you can customize the software on your own needs without limits.

Whether its a design change or functionality upgrade our scripts are works perfect.
Where as in the other hand, most of our competitor products completely/partially encrypted makes your customization into tough/not possible at all.

Unlimited Domain License
When you purchase our scripts, we provide unlimited domain use license that means you can use our software with as many domains you own. Pay with us one time for the software and you can use this with unlimited installations on the same domain or multiple domains.

Where as many of our competitors offers the software on domain license basis on which they charges separately for every additional domain you install their software on yours.

Minimum Resource Usage
The best part of our software is, it requires minimum resource usage and having the excellent scalability. Our scripts runs with minimum hosting requirements like shared hosting and no need of higher bandwidth environments like VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or Dedicated Servers.

Where as many of the other products available products in the market require VPS or Dedicated servers to run due to heavy resource usage.

Free Installation Support
Our software comes with easy installation procedure which lets any one can easily install the script with in minutes. At any occasion, our clients?needs installation support, we are happy to assist them. we provide free installation of our script on our client servers .

Most of the other providers in the market, charges separately for installing the script on the client sites, In approximate they charges for 25 USD for every single installation.

Legitimate Business- Best Business Ethics
We are the digital goods promotion channel of Inventran Technology Solutions-The Premier IT solutions provider from Madurai-India. Inventran is the legitimate business organization registered under government of India as software solutions provider. We are doing the business for years and the followers of strict business ethics and customer satisfaction policy.

Everyday new script providers are newly comes in to the market and quiet the business after some time. The clients of this business hardly/Can’t find support to their products they purchased with them.

Best after sales support
The backbone of our success is relies with our satisfaction of our clients. before or after buying the products. We don’t quit after you buying the products but we provide the quick and best support to clients in all the time.

Not only had the question related to our script, we provide support to our clients beyond this, like supporting to promote their matrimonial business online/offline, successful making money with matrimonial business and so on.

we provide best support to our clients via ticket support ,e-mail and with telephone, which ever is best suits our client preferences.

Take a look at some of the features in detail

Front End Features

Fast loading Eye catching template
First impression is best impression! Presenting the best visual design that makes your site self promotional. Keeping this in mind our software is designed with eye catching template blended with best of suitable images and color schemes. Not only our template is visually appealed but it also loads faster even with slow internet connections.

Complete member registration & profile System
It brings frustration to the visitors who prompted to fill the fields once again if they forgot to fill the some of the fields during  member registration .For this our member registration form is completely enabled with Ajax features that helps the registration form fields  will be validated in real time. So no more repeated signup form fields filling.

Email Verification system
To get raid of spam and collect the genuine email addresses of members, the registration process is tied with email verification system. The members participate with the site activities only after their emails verified.

Step by step profile updating
Not all the profile fields cannot be filled at one time. Only the mandatory profile fields required to fill immediate and optional profile fields can be filled later during the profile updating. For this our profile updating system is divided into several steps with “Skip the step” features.

Rich  profile system with photo upload
Our profile system is rich in feature, having the best of all profile fields required for the best matrimonial software. This will helps the members will get the best of information of other applications. And our profile system supports profile photo upload where our members can upload their photos that help for increased response.

Preloaded Caste& City, State, country systems
We have already preloaded our software with the list of cities for every country, list of castes for every religion .We have reduced the your data entry work task with preloaded database so now you can concentrate on other tasks.

Astro Profile upload
Matching the Astro is the crucial feature for every marriage. For this we have made the place for our members where they can upload their Astro , now other interested members can see the Astro profile of their interested profile that makes the match making process lot more easier.

Instant Express Interest
if someone interest on other profile they can express their interest instantly

Private Messaging system
Would like to send a message to a member then you can do this by our private messaging system this will let the communication can be done in two ways.

Powerful search functions
Finding the dream member is much easier with our powerful search functions that narrow your search query to find the member easier. Members have the variety of options to choose from during searching like with or without photo, Age intervals, Language, Religion targeted profile searches.

Premium membership plans
Using our inbuilt premium membership plans, the webmasters can make huge money for converting them as Gold (Premium Members) . For this we have put some restrictions on profile access, contact methods, Message systems to free members .Where these restrictions will be lifted when they converted as “Paid?member. You have just to put your preferred ?old” member fees in the Admin panel and the rest of the job will take care by our software

Multiple Payment Gateway support
Our software supports multiple payment gateways so that the members can make purchase of membership plans through these payment gateways. Our script pre designed to support popular payment gateways like Paypal, 2checkout and Nochex. You can also make some small changes with our files to support your preferred other gateway systems.
Admin End

Complete member management
From the Admin end the members can be easily managed (Adding members, Deleting members, Converting the Member plans)

Member private messaging
Would like to send message to particular member then you can do this by sending a private message to them and it can be done with the Admin private message system

SMTP Mailing System
Would like to brand your emails with our own SMTP accounts then you can do this by filling your SMTP details with the Admin End

Payment gateway management
You can control the payment gateway information, membership plans from the Admin end just by filing or replacing the information

Email Newsletter Gateway
Thinking to send announcements or plan to send sales conversion mails to members? Then you can do this by our inbuilt Email newsletter system that will send bulk mails to all members or particular member of the portal

Our ready made clone script will helps you to save your time and money needed for developing the software from the ground. Buying the software for this cheaper cost will helps you to start your match making business in minutes.

Matrimonial script in PHP
The matrimonial script in PHP supports both LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and WAMP (Windows Apache, MySQL, PHP) server configurations. Yes, our script runs in both in Linux and windows hosting environments, the only requirement is your hosting should support PHP.

Complete matrimonial script
Our software is a complete matrimonial script which has all the features that needed to run a match making business portal.

Matrimonial script open source
Yes. The software comes as 100% open source matrimonial script (No part of the script is encrypted).when you buy the software you will get the full source code, so you can extend or customize it to your own needs without any limits.

Matrimonial Script Download
You can download our matrimonial script you have to pay with us through online or offline

Currently you can pay with us, with the below methods

Online Payments through Paypal- you can pay to our matrimonial script through paypal payment gateway which supports debit cards, credit cards and paypal account balance (supports international funds transfer, Recommended for clients who are outside of India),the download link will be sent to your PayPal e-mail address immediately as soon as you have made the payment successfully.

Order Matrimonial Script Online through Paypal



We are offering our software price more than 10 times cheaper than than the other matrimony software providers in the market.And we are plan to slightly  increase this software price in few days.If you have planned to buy this script,this will be the right time.We can’t provide the current reduced price in the coming days,even if you have inquired our product previously but not bought the product so far.So buy  before the prices has been increased (Thanks for understanding).

Bank Account Deposit (Recommended for Indian clients)
You can also make payment with us offline,by making bank account deposit or net banking transfer to our below account

Bank Name: HDFC Bank
A/C Holder Name: Sakthi Ganesh
A/C No : 00821050427623
Branch Name: Nungambakkam – Chennai
IFSC Code : HDFC0000082

Payment has to be made: Rs 2800(Indian Rupees)

After making the payment just fill this   short form or you can contact us directly and we  will send you the script after realization of payment ( Usually within few minutes)

It will take plenty of time to talk with the vendors for request,verify and bring the Discount codes here.Sharing this information will support our work.Thanks.