Multi User File Sharing Script PHP

ShareIt! is a file sharing script that allows you to share your files in a secure and easy way. It provides secure file sharing and multiple user accounts.

ShareIt is the best multi user file sharing script in PHP that allows you to start your own file storage portal. The software is easy to setup and secure and it comes with variety of features to support with.

Multi User File Sharing Script

Multi User File Sharing Script

Password protection– For some reason you would like to protect the files from being viewed from public, you can add with the “Private” tag and it makes the particular file as a “private” one and it securely protected from accessing it public. The admin of the file can protect the file by assigning the password to it,if some one has to access the file needs the particular access password ,if not the user will not get the access to it.By this way the file can be protected from using anonymously.

Multi user file storage-The software is fully support multi user file storage that means, more than one people can use this tool for storing and managing the data. The site comes with the inbuilt user registration system and the dedicated member dashboard where the members can effectively manage their accounts.

Storage quota- The administrator can set the quota limit for the storage for the files. By using these configurations the file storage can be limited from over using it.

Secure application-The application is completely secure to setup and manage, the access points of the applications are password protected and only available to members. The software is completely secure against all possible issues like Database (DB) injection and other malicious attacks.

File thumbnails– The files is in the network are displayed with the auto generated thumbnails for the files. The images also changed through manual methods if the auto insertion methods found in-appropriate.

Stylish UI-The whole system is designed with Jquery interface that makes the application more stylish and attractive.

Category wise selection – Files in the storage network are viewed in the categorized manner so it can be accessed or it can be found through narrow search easily.

File type exclusion- By making the changes with the configuration files, you can make the particular file type from being excluded while upload. By making the particular file in the excluding list, the particular file has been prohibited while uploading with user end.

Space usage indicators -The software admin panel shows the status of the space usage with the relevant graphics and images. This will helps the administrator to know the up-to-date status of the storage usage in the file sharing network.

User registration system– The software comes with the in-build user registration system, where they can apply for the membership to use the network tools. After registering they can use thier member dashboard for uploading and managing the files. The registration system also comes with the email account activation, forgot password, password change and other important core features and the additional features that required.

Admin notifications– Admin will get the notifications whenever the new file has been uploaded or new user has been registered (notifications has been sent to the admin email and it can be turned off,if it’s find in appropriate)

URL shortening-The script also supports URL shortening services like ,the file/folder locations of the website can be shrink through this URL shortening services.